At a Glance
At a Glance
Career Re-entry Program
For women returners to STEM R&D sectors after career breaks. (Especially for Master and PhD degree holder)
Matching to universities and public and private institutions and providing grants for research
Research fund : 22 million Korean won (approx. USD 18,333) / year, maximum 3 years
Support for Female Researcher at Entry Level
Providing employment cost to the SMEs'* research affiliated institute or research department especially for researchers graduated within 3 years
※ SMEs : Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
Fund : 7.5 million Korean won (approx. USD 6,750) / 6 months
Achievement of 100 career return researcheres(2012-2015)
Career maintenance degree of participants after the termination of assistance(2015)

From the survey result for the career status of beneficiary after the termination of three year assistance, participants have managed high career maintenance and successful career settlement. This is possible because she returns to the professional field that can revive previous professionalism and career. Beneficiaries have also shown self accomplishment and satisfaction in their works after their return.

Expansion of demands of program and assistance
STEM Research Team Project
Funding research grants for research projects
Composition of research team
  • a female graduate student (project leader)
  • 2~4 female middle and high school and undergraduate student in STEM
  • mentors (1 professor, 1 female mentor in the industrial field)
Research fund
  • Intensive course : 6.5 million Korean won (approx. USD 5,400) / 7 months
  • Regular course : 5.5 million Korean won (approx. USD 4,600) / 7 months
State of Beneficiaries in Program Participation
Research Performances by Beneficiaries (2015)
Program Participation Achievemenet
Based on "Follow-up survey of participants in 2013" (conducted in 2016)
On / Offline Mentoring
Career path mentoring for college students
Global mentoring with global corporations like GE , Bloomberg, and Microsoft
Online mentoring (mentoring.wiset.or.kr)
Lifecycle Mentoring Program
WISET provides tailored mentoring programs for women in STEM throughout the life cycle.
In 2016, 11,400 mentees and 3,202mentors participated in WISET Mentoring
Research Travel Grants
Assisting grants to female researchers in STEM on temporary position (PhD degree or equivalent)
Areas : Attending national and international conference, training programs operated by overseas institutions, etc.
Research Travel Grants Program for Female Researchers
WISET helps temporary female PhD researchers who are not able to receive support and are likely to fall into the crisis of career break.

Career Development Assessment of Beneficiaries

Major and Workplace of Respondents
Program Benefits
Impact of program participation on career development
Pre and post program evaluation surveys and benefit
Excellent cases by Support for Research Travel Grants
Program Achievement
Women Startup Insight
Entrepreneurship education
Start-up competition with STEM ideas
Practical experience program and consulting services
Major Start-up Ideas of Participants
Major Start-up Ideas of Participants
Year Team Idea
‘14 2014 SIZU Customized size platform on user DB that guides through clothing size by brand to help buyers
Wat Education platform that helps customized information sharing between users using educational video
‘15 2015 Eggbun Education Educational mobile application offering way of studying foreign languages in fun and easy way anywhere in the world by chatting with AI
Wireless Dream Small flexible CPW antenna for UWB featuring quasi mobius strip, metal and graphic based complex material
Mom School Platform offering professional knowledge in pregnancy, maternity and childcare whenever wherever you are
Major Start-up Cases
Major Start-up Cases
Company Business Item Major Activity
e-Nomad 'Creating new culture from flowing water' Portable hydroelectric generator, 'Estream' that generates electricity by using flowing water after easily installing in rivers, streams and valleys Homepage : www.energynomad.com
  • Participated in 2014 WISET Startup Springboard Implemented 2014 'Cheonggyecheon Smart Power Station' project
  • Established US corporation in June 2016
  • Invested by 'Kickstarter', a US social crowd funding platform in 2016
  • 'Estream' to be launched in February 2017
Onuii 'Top mathematics questioning mobile application in Korea' Mathematics edutech service offering real time questions and answers to tutors anytime anywhere from middle or high school students on monthly membership Homepage: onuii.com
  • Participated in 2015 WISET Startup Springboard Launched 'Onuii' mobile application in March 2016
  • Participated in '1st Game of Life', a fostering program by D.CAMP co-working space in 2016 Attracted primer investment in 2016 and sales tripled
  • Membership reached 64,000, accumulated questions and answers reached 100,000 cases and monthly sales reached KRW 10 million (in 7 months after launch)
Job Matching and Training Program
Providing recruiting information via website
Job fair and job meeting day
Training courses to enhance expertise of women
  • Science Communicator/Creative Experiment Instructor
  • Professionals of Intellectual Property
  • Employment Competency Reinforcement Program
Course for Fostering SC(Science Communicator) Creative Experiment Instructor
Training aimed at fostering science communicator capable of easily delivering and comprehending science to general public
Characteristics of course
  • Grant qualification to sit private certification test for SC creative experiment instructor
  • Present WISET award for excellent team project (scientific experiment)
Education program (12 lectures, 36 hours)
  • Introduction to elementary education course / designing experiments and developing teaching materials / creative science education and TEAM Ⅰ·Ⅱ / scientific storytelling using audiovisual materials / creative scientific experimental practice and team project /incumbent mentoring / freelancer marketing, etc.
Course for Fostering Technological Convergence SW Professionals
Education course aimed to provide women in science and technology field the opportunity to enter new jobs such as SW science service sector by utilizing basic SW language and teaching tools
Characteristics of course
  • Provide various follow-up programs to students to develop SW competencies (e.g. club activities, production of program plans, etc.)
  • Give qualification to sit private certification test for SC creative experiment instructor
Education program (15 lectures, 45 hours)
  • SW education and teaching materials (entry, etc.) / education designing method
  • Task and scenario evaluation
Education for Employment Support in IP R&D
Establish R&D strategy based on intellectual property / Assist (re)employment and career development in IP R&D sector through education
Characteristics of course
  • Jointly operated with 'Korea Intellectual Property Strategy Agency', a public institution under the Korea Intellectual Property Office - specializing in intellectual property strategy
  • Implement team project for entering IP contest (award by director of Korea Intellectual Property Office)
Education program (8 lectures, 24 hours)
  • R&D, planning and establishing strategy for intellectual property / commercialization consulting / market and environmental analysis / ideation for patent analysis
(Major specialized) Education for Employment Support for Patent Engineers
Education for assisting job entry as patent specifier capable of building life-long career path based on professional knowledge
Characteristics of course
  • Customized lectures for major fields and nomination of trainee
  • Special career building lectures by incumbents
Education program (7 lectures, 25 hours)
  • Summary of patent application / Introduction to patent specification / How to search patent information / Practice to write specification / Summary of screening and measures
Education for Reinforcing Employment Competencies
Program aimed for improving employment competency and competitiveness through realistic education necessary for employment
Characteristics of course
  • Customized design for trainees to support employment
  • Provide basic preparatory materials for employment
Education program (4 hours per lecture, 3-5 times a year)
  • Documentation skill education: Editing/consulting on CV and cover letter
  • Job interview skill education: Simulated job interviews/feedback, etc.
  • Simulated (individual) job interview and career consulting in relevant field
  • Special lectures in areas of interest by incumbents
Job Portal for Talented Women in STEM fields
Employment information
  • Provide information on companies, universities and research institutes in science and technology field
  • Provide information on companies in science and technology field
  • University (graduate school) students in science, engineering and technology field, women on career break due to marriage and - birth, or incumbent women in science and technology field seeking employment or career move
Policy and political information
  • Introduce policies/political information for women in science and technology field
  • Provide list of institutions in policies such as family-friendly certification or employment target policy
Talent personnel information
  • Provide information of talented personnel seeking job in science, engineering and technology field
  • Customized search for talented personnel by job applicant CV, job category, region or experience
Latest news and education information
  • Provide information on nationwide employment fairs
  • Provide latest news on employment in science, engineering and technology field
  • Provide WISET academy education information for job search process
Job Matching Program
Operation and management of WE Do Dream (As of October 2016)
  • Database for recruiting institutions: 392
  • Database for employing institutions: 770
  • Provision of recruitment information: 1,372
Provide employment information and opportunity by holding employment fairs and operating booths
  • 2 jointly hosted fairs (KB Good Job Fair / Korea Fair)
  • Operate employment fairs by job category, region and target (Bio Job Fair / Daejeon Fair / Gyeongbuk Andong Fair / Restart Job Fair / - Daejeon Institute of Science and Technology Youth Employment and Startup Fair / Seoul Women Job Fair, etc.)
Employment Consultation
Case of Employment Consultation to New Applicant
  • Q:I'd like to find out what companies are available for graduates with science, engineering and technology major and any information on women-friendly company atmosphere and wage standard. (University student, age 24)
  • A:You can find useful information from 'We Do Dream (wedodream.net) where you can view in a glance the employment information for women with science, engineering and technology background. You can find employment information by companies, universities and research institutions in science and technology field as well as policies related with family-friendly institutions and institutions participating in women science technology employment target policy. You can also find latest news and trends related with employment in STEM field.
Case of Employment Consultation to Returning Experienced Applicant
  • Q : I'm a career interrupted woman in my 50s. After majoring in physics at university, I have worked at a university and research institution. What can I do to return to workplace in my professional field? (Job applicant seeking to return, age 52)
  • A : WISET employment assistance team has deputed to Seoul Job Center for Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Job consultation, occupational training, and job connected service are available to those seeking to return. Occupational training include 'Pharmaceutical bio quality/molecular diagnosis professional manpower fostering course', and 'R&D task managing administrator fostering course'.