Looking into Statistics:
Achievements of Support Programs for Promoting women in STEM during 10 years
Increasing trend of training highly skilled women workforce in STEM
Although the ratio of female students in engineering is lower than in natural science, its inflow has been steadily increasing since the policy was carried out
Percentage of female by degrees in natural science
Percentage of female by degrees in engineering
Qualitative Improvement of job for women in STEM by structural change
Labor force participation rates for natural sciences and engineering majors by gender and age(2018)

WISET has carried out a variety of policy research activities such as laws/systems monitoring, performance analyses, and policy project planning in order to enable policies for fostering and supporting women in science, engineering, and technology to be effectively implemented. In particular, in preparation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it has focused on creating future-proof jobs for women, considering the features and strengths of women in science, engineering and technology.

Inspector Program at Science and Engineering Research Institutions and Universities

Quota System for Recruitment of Female Scientists and Engineers

Policy Forums

Policy Research

Survey on the Utilization of Women in STEM

The 4th Basic Plan for fostering and supporting Women in STEM pdf download


Society in which creative competencies and the potential value of women in STEM are realized


Achieve qualitative growth of women in STEM and gender equality in the fields of science and technology

4 Strategies and 10 Policy issues

Promote influx and growth of STEM workforce in strategic areas 01 Encourage becoming the women in STEM of the future
02 Reinforce fostering of women in STEM in promising new industries
Enhance innovation and global competencies 01 Expand support for R&D activities by female researchers
02 Support technology-based startups by women in STEM
03 Enhance global competitiveness of women in STEM
Facilitate retention and progression through the entire career path 01 Promote development and diversification of careers for women in STEM
02 Establish an environment for work-life balance and increase the number of quality jobs
03 Set up a career ladder for women in STEM to become leaders
Establish a gendered innovation system 01 Extend research and raise awareness in creative gendered innovation
02 Expand the foundation for vitalization of gendered innovation in national R&D projects