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[Event] Girls Engineering Weeks 2021
2021.06.22Hit 245

Girl's Engineering Weeks 2021 Korea

* Date: July 19 (Mon) - August 6 (Fri), 2021
* Venue: Online and Offline(regionally designated locations)
* Hosted by: Ministry of Science and ICT, Korea Foundation for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology (WISET)
* Organized by: WISET, 9 local universities in Korea (R-WeSET regional project groups)
* Sponsorship : National Research Foundation of Korea, local governments, provincial offices of education, etc.
* Estimated number of attendees: About 2,800 female middle and high school students (2,000 online, 400 offline)
* Main Content
   - Online lecture ‘Girls’ Engineering Talk’ (WISET)
   - The program includes field trips, special lectures, mentoring, and other engineering major exploration and experience activities for female students

▶ Girl's Engineering Weeks 2020 (https://www.wiset.or.kr/eng/contents/news_view.jsp?sc_tab=6&sc_page=2&sc_type=2&pk_seq=32815&sc_list_type=list&sc_cond=1&page=1)